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Marketing Jobs You Can Get With a Bachelor's Degree

If you are interested in earning a marketing-focused bachelor's degree online from Louisiana State University in Shreveport (LSUS), you are also very likely interested in the marketing jobs you can get with the degree. 

Brand Management

As the name implies, jobs in brand management focus on a particular brand. As brand manager for Coca-Cola, for example, your focus will be Coca-Cola itself, not all beverages.

Brand managers are involved in market research to determine the image and reach of a brand. They may have to strategize on how to appeal to new markets, such as teenagers just becoming aware of the brand, or international markets where the brand is not yet available.  

You may work to develop new advertising and promotional campaigns for the brand, strategize new pricing, or analyze which social media channels work best for the brand. 

Some brand managers focus on creating awareness of the brand. They achieve this through campaigns on social media, in print, on television or on billboards. They may develop logos or work with spokespeople. Other brand managers are focused on having customers choose their brand over the competition. 

Product Marketing 

Product marketers are responsible for marketing specific products. If you are a product marketer for Nike, for example, you will not be focusing on the overall brand, but on marketing a specific product from that brand, such as t-shirts or shoes. 

Product marketers use findings from market research to understand who buys their products. They research the price points of competitors so they can price their products to sell. 

They may work to develop advertising campaigns for driving sales forward or creating sales for a new product. They may develop and write advertising copy and design advertisements for the product. 

Based on market research findings, product marketers develop social media campaigns across multiple channels, such as Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. 

Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is a vast and fast-growing component of the marketing field. It focuses on marketing and advertising campaigns delivered online. Your job may entail creating campaigns for multiple social media channels, such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. You will need to research the age and gender demographics of each channel, for instance, to accurately position your campaigns.

A key part of digital marketing involves understanding analytics. Analytics provides behind-the-screen data on which advertisements delivered click-throughs, for example. Digital marketing uses analytics to identify which campaigns worked best. 

Digital marketers may also execute crowd-sourced campaigns that solicit individual perspectives of users, or influencer campaigns in which users with large numbers of followers mention the brand or product on social media. 

Media Buying 

Media buyers are responsible for placing advertisements and other marketing material in optimal markets to persuade people to buy products. 

If you work for a company that sells cosmetics, for example, the type of media you choose can make a huge difference in sales. Ads and features on cosmetics do best in sites focused on women, because women are the biggest buyers of cosmetics. 

Media buyers tap market research for various media outlets. They base buying decisions on demographic information for audiences of various media, including websites, television, magazines, newspapers and more. 

Media buyers contract with media outlets to run advertisements and other campaigns. As a media buyer, you will arrange for the purchase of media time or ad space. You may also review pricing contracts and decide how often the ads will run. 

A Bachelor's in Marketing Online 

To obtain a BS in Marketing online at LSUS, you need to complete 40 courses worth three credit hours each, for a total of 120 credit hours. The 120 credit hours include 42 credit hours of core coursework, 21 credit hours in your area of concentration, and 57 additional general education and elective credit hours. 

Both core and concentration courses will teach you important concepts and provide you with experience for marketing jobs, including those listed above. 

Learn more about LSUS's Bachelor of Science in Marketing Online. 


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