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5 Reasons to Consider an Online Master’s Degree in Education

There are few teachers who do not understand the value of learning. The good ones know that if they want to continue to love their work, they must learn how to refine and refresh their knowledge of best practices. But it can be tough to find time to do that at the end of a long day of teaching, not to mention taking care of family. An online master’s degree in education can be just what the doctor ordered. The value of a graduate degree for teachers goes beyond just a higher salary. Here are five more reasons to consider an online master’s degree in education.

1. You Are Given a Chance for Intellectual Growth

It is critical for teachers to have time for conversations about what they think. When you are working on an online master’s degree in education, you will meet people from all over the country whose conversations may open your mind beyond the subject of education. You may begin looking at education from a more intellectual perspective, including such concepts as how education changes students across all disciplines. In this way, you can study how students are affected psychologically, physically, demographically, geographically, and so on because the study of education is also the study of anthropology, which is the study of humankind.

2. You Get to Learn More About a Subject You Love

One of the best aspects of a graduate degree for teachers is that every course is applicable to what you are teaching right now. You can learn about the best resources currently available for teaching literacy, content, vocabulary, fluency, and anything else you may be wondering about. This is a hands-on learning environment where you may be able to learn something and practice it immediately, which can be transformative. You can also use your new information to help colleagues and possibly even to convince a fellow teacher to pursue their own online master's degree in education. Creating this kind of learning community helps make education more powerful for everyone.

3. You May Be Offered More Career Opportunities

An online master’s degree in education may be your ticket to greater job opportunity. Administrators may see you as more informed and interested in the success of the school. If you take courses in administration, you may become certified to move into administration or special education or school counseling. Education is the single most effective way to create opportunity. The more you know, the more choices you have in life. A graduate degree for teachers offers a broader perspective on an educational career.

4. You Get to Keep Your Job and Still Go to School

One of the toughest situations to be in is when you want to improve yourself by earning a graduate degree but you cannot possibly take the time away from your job, your income, your health insurance, and your family. This can create a defeated feeling about being stuck in the same situation forever. This is not so with an online master’s degree in education program. This path is yours because it fits in with who you are now but also makes room for you to grow and learn and change your circumstances. It is a powerful feeling to know that with each class you are moving in the direction of your dreams without sacrificing your basic needs.

5. You Gain Respect

Finally, people with higher education backgrounds tend to gain more respect from their colleagues and superiors. It is not a fact that people who hold higher degrees have more knowledge than people who do not, but it does tend to be the commonly considered opinion. When you can proudly say that you are earning your graduate degree in an online master’s degree in education program, you can be sure people know that you take yourself seriously as an educator and as a person. You can also be sure people will know that you probably know more about education and current practices than those without an advanced degree.

Administrators realize that online graduate programs for teachers are a great way to improve the teaching in their districts. They tend to be very supportive of the teachers who want to make educational improvements in their lives and the lives of their students.

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